Symantec System Recovery SP2+RegKey เอามาฝากจ้า

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Symantec System Recovery SP2+RegKey โปรแกรมกู้ข้อมูลค่ายยักใหญ่มาฝาก

Symantec System Recovery 2013 integrated solution for backup and recovery of virtual and physical systems. Symantec System Recovery 2013 provides comprehensive protection of data on disk or tape , and ensures recovery of data and systems regardless of whether the data is located on a file server , Windows, desktop , virtual server or server-critical applications such as Exchange, SQL or SharePoint.

The main functions
• Quick and easy recovery of desktop and laptop computers with Windows, both local and foreign, including from scratch on a different hardware, virtual environments or remote locations .
• Backup to almost any disk drives , including USB, FireWire, NAS, SAN and Blu-ray.
• Unobtrusive automatic conversion of physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to physical (V2P).
• Copy and protection of the entire system, including the OS , applications, all files , device drivers, and other things, by creating a single easy-to- manage recovery point with image-based technology .
• Schedule backup to run unattended , including backup upon the occurrence of certain events, without any negative impact on the user experience.
• Built-in AES software encryption of backups ensures the protection of business critical data .

Main Features
• Significant reduction in downtime and elimination of interruptions , and reduce the efficiency of the employees.
• Replacing the long recovery process of desktop and laptop computers , operated manually , error-prone , for fast, reliable , automated recovery systems.
• Recover all the necessary information at the right time and right place, including individual files, folders, or system in a matter of minutes .
• Eliminating the need to use the backup to restore the redundant hardware and, as a consequence, the cost savings on hardware.
• Simplified procedures modernization and transfer of hardware.
• Centralized management of backup and recovery for multiple desktop and mobile systems within the organization ( via Symantec System Recovery Management Solution). To manage Symantec System Recovery , you can use user-friendly interface , with little or no user training requires.


install the setup

then copy and paste the Regkey in installation folder and run the Regkey


part 1  part 2

part 3   part 4

part 5  part 6

part 7   part 8


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