Microsoft WIindows 8.1 2014 Update (x86) MSU Build 9600.16610[256MB] แจกแจ้า

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Microsoft WIindows 8.1 2014 Update (x86) MSU Build 9600.16610[256MB] แจกจ้า

Leaked Windows 8.1 2014 Update For both 32-Bit & 64-Bit Systems With installation Instructions.

x86 Description

Installing Windows 8.1 Update 2014

You can update your existing Windows 8.1 images by applying the update. You can create multilingual images by installing the Windows 8.1 Update MSU file to a Windows 8.1 image, however be sure to install the files in the correct order:

1. Start with your installation of Windows 8.1 RTM. This can be a base language image or an image with multiple languages.
2. Install one or more Windows 8.1 RTM languages to the image, if necessary.
3. Important: Install all of the previously-released updates for Windows 8.1.
This includes:
-+ Rollup A (KB2883200)
-+ Rollup B (KB2884846)
-+ November Rollup (KB2887595)
-+ December Rollup (KB2903939)
-+ January Rollup (KB2911106)
-+ Any other previously-released Windows Updates.

4. Boot the Windows 8.1 image to audit mode (CTRL+Shift+F3 at the OOBE screen).
5. Important: Install Windows8.1-KB2919442-.msu update, where is x86, x64, or arm by double-clicking on the file. This is required to install before you install the Windows 8.1 Update MSU update.
6. Restart your PC. You must restart the PC to complete any pending update actions.
7. Install the Windows 8.1 Update MSU file, Windows8.1-KB2919355-.msu (where is x86, x64, or arm) to the image by double-clicking on the file.
The update will be applied for all available languages installed in the image.
8. Restart your PC. You must restart the PC to complete any pending update actions.
9. Boot the PC and make any additional customizations. Prepare your installation to be captured by running Sysprep /generalize /oobe.

Note If you add additional language packs after installing Windows 8.1 Update online, then a user will be prompted to download the language resources for Windows 8.1 Update from Windows Update. If you install additional language packs after applying the MSU update to an offline image, you can re-apply the MSU update to install the localized update files. This behavior might change in a future release.

murphy-note: Read the RTF file for further details.
Note that audit mode is not actually required, just recommended.



part 2

part 3


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