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SmartDraw 2013 Enterprise Edition (keygen-REPT) Power จ้า


SmartDraw More Than Just Draw... Productivity Every Day

Faster Visuals

How can creating over 70 different types of visuals with SmartDraw be so easy? It's all in the unique, automated design. Just add shapes with simple commands and SmartDraw does the rest: automatically adding connecting lines and aligning shapes. Just Click and type.

Instead of forcing you to you to manually arrange shapes on a page, SmartDraw does this for you. All you have to do is add shapes with simple commands and SmartDraw does the rest.

It adds connecting lines and aligns shapes, automatically.

You can even add shapes with keyboard shortcuts. Move from one to another with the tab key. Add text easily, too. Just Click and type. It's as easy as filling in a form.

Delete or move a shape and SmartDraw reformats the picture with everything remaining perfectly aligned.

With SmartDraw you can create a wide variety of business visuals: flowcharts, mind maps, graphs, floor plans and timelines. Over 70 different types are available with more than 1,900 ready-to-use templates.

Why Everyone Needs a Visual Processor

The rapid pace of change in the modern business world and the information overload it has caused is a problem we all wrestle with. We need to consume information in a way that can be easily understood in the minimum amount of the time. When you look at information presented visually, you can immediately see the key ideas and the relationships between them, instead of having to take the time to read a 12 page report. A picture really is worth a 1,000 words.

Visual Process Management

Improve quality and increase efficiency with this revolutionary process management solution which is universally accessible, comprehensive, and always up-to-date.

Visual Meetings

Reduce the number of meetings and the time they take by using visuals in real time to reach a decision.

Visual Presentations

Create and deliver more compelling and successful presentations with a whole new way to plan, compose, and manage your PowerPoints.

Visual Grammar

Make visual communication across your whole company quick, inexpensive and effective using software that automatically formats with standard rules.

Live Information Capture

The secret to short, effective meetings is to capture the decisions and action items assigned during the meeting in a common document that each person can see as changes are made.

Project Planning

Find out how to prevent even the largest projects from being delivered late and over-budget.

Visual Strategic Planning

The secret to developing a winning strategy is to capture big ideas quickly and easily and then also implement these ideas seamlessly.

Better, Easier Charts

The business world is awash in data: sales figures, cost breakdowns, financial reports, and so on. It's the information we must communicate most often. So it makes sense to communicate it in the most effective way possible: with a chart.

Organize Better with Hubs

Learn how to use hubs to organize and communicate information quickly and easily with anyone in your organization from a new hire to upper management.

OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2000.

Language : English

Homepage :




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