Avira Premium Security Suite & AntiVir Premium v10.0.0.639 Final โปร

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Avira Premium Security Suite

Avira presents the Premium Security Suite with Full protection: Includes basic and advanced antivirus protection, email protection, AntiPhishing, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Adware PLUS: Anti-Spam, Firewall, WebGuard (Safe Surfing), Game Mode and more.! Complete security for workstations! The repeatedly awarded and worldwide used virus and malware protection by over 30 million users now also with WebGuard!
Avira is a German antivirus software company. Its antivirus applications are based on the AntiVir antivirus engine, first launched in 1988. It was called "H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH" when it was founded. One of the antivirus software, AntiVir Personal, is free for personal usage. Avira is launching a new, comprehensive protection package for end-users as well as small offices and home workers: the Avira Premium Security Suite is a combination of Avira’s brand-new firewall and the proven anti-virus software AntiVir Personal Premium.
Even less experienced users can cope with the numerous security threats from the Internet with the central, intuitively operated user interface of the Suite.

Premium Security Protection:
• AntiVir stops all types of viruses
• AntiAd/Spyware eliminates ad/spyware
• AntiPhishing proactive protection against phising
• AntiRootkit against hidden rootkit threats
• AntiDrive-by prevents against downloading viruses when surfing
• AntiBot prevents dangerous bot networks
• EmailScannerEnhanced email protection
• WebGuard protection against malicious websites
• RescueSystem create a bootable rescue CD
• BackupSystem configurable data backup solution
• AntiSpam filters out unwanted emails
• FireWall protection against hackers
• GameMode uninterrupted game play
• QuickRemoval eliminate viruses at the push of a button NEW!
• NetbookSupport for laptops with low resolution NEW!
• ParentalControl block websites unsuitable for children NEW!

Highlights from the WebGuard:
• Checks Internet downloads against viruses
• Recognizes defective files before they are loaded on your computer
• Affected websites can be blocked, isolated or ignored
• Specific files and URLs can be excluded from the examination
• Works independently from the browser you are using

Operating system: Windows 2000/ XP/ XP X64/ Vista/ Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64

Homepage - http://www.avira.com

Size: 55.5 MB

Avira AntiVir Premium Final

vira AntiVir Premium reliably protects you against all threats from viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, phishings, adware, spyware, bots and dangerous “drive-by” downloads. Best detection rates and top-class security with several updates every day. Advanced protection:
Includes basic antivirus protection PLUS: email protection (POP3), AntiPhishing, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware and more. With real-time on-access scanning, profile-based on-demand scans and scheduling of full system scanning and updates it offers premium protection. It includes a POP3 based MailScanner that scans emails before they are stored on your machine. With a user-friendly control center, quarantine management, fast performance and world leading detection rates the Avira AntiVir Premium provides essential protection for your PC.
AntiVir Personal offers effective protection against computer viruses for the individual and private use on a single PC-workstation. It detects and removes viruses and includes an Internet-Update Wizard for easy updating.

The built in resident Virus Guard serves to monitor file movements automatically, for example when downloading files from the Internet. Heuristic scanning protects Protection against previously unknown macro viruses. Even though viruses have now grown very numerous, one thing hasn't changed: our commitment to provide you with all-round protection. The reliability of AntiVir is demonstrated in numerous comparison test and references featured in independent trade journals.

Premium Protection:
* AntiVir
* AntiAd/Spyware
* AntiPhishing
* AntiRootkit
* AntiDrive-by
* AntiBot
* EmailScanner
* WebGuard
* RescueSystem

Premium functions:
• Protection against viruses, worms and Trojans
• Protection against expensive dialers
• Detects and deletes rootkits
• NEW: Raised scan speed
• NEW: Redesigned visual appearance
• Protection against phishing
• Protection against spyware
• Special protection against email viruses (POP 3)
• Fast updates through Premium Server
• 5 Euro donation to Auerbach Foundation
• Protection against annoying adware
• NEW: System to create a Rescue-CD

Operating system:  Windows 2000/ XP/ XP X64/ Vista/ Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64

Homepage - http://www.avira.com

Size: 58.3 MB

Avira Key Finder v2.4 by Shady

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Download : Avira Premium Security Suite + Avira AntiVir Premium Final + Avira Key Finder v2.4 by Shady

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