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Kon-Boot v2.4 (Remedy for lost Password)โปรแกรมไว้เวลาลืม password เข้า Windows แจกจ้า
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Kon-Boot - is an application that modifies the contents of the Windows kernel on the fly / at boot time, bypassing the authorization system and allowing Windows to enter a password-protected user account without a password. What is your favorite password is not overwritten when you restart Windows and the original contents of the nucleus and its authorization procedure restored. Kon-Boot boot from floppy / cd / usb, runs in a quiet mode automatically.

All you need to enter the password-protected account Windows - is to create bootable media with Kon-Boot (or integrate into your multi-boot utility assembly that uses the loader grub), insert the media with Kon-Boot the computer / device with Windows and boot from the media. Technical diagnostics hold after repair, rescue data or to check the security system - easy, simple, quick and easy!

What's new in version v2.4?
- Windows 8/8.1 online account authorization bypass!
- Fixed few installer issues